Pumpkin Mugs



Pumpkin Mugs were hand-painted and hand-built by me, from red earthenware clay.
There's 2 versions of this mug
Orange pure pumpkin juice one
And a Green one

My pieces can be used for a variety of things and are food and drink safe. This mug can be used as a coffee mug, tea mug, small vase, cashe pot, pencil holder, or anything else you can think of!

All of my pieces are covered in food-safe clear glaze inside and out!
It can be used in the microwave and is dishwasher friendly. Caution if microwaving for long periods of time as the handle may get hot.

All are one of a kind and in many of them, you will find slight imperfections and marks left by the handmade process. There's are all a part of the quirky charm that comes with owning a handmade piece. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it!!

Approximately is (3") inches deep and (3.5") inches at the widest point