About the maker


My Name is Rochelle Garcia!

I am a Ceramic artist that makes one of a kind earthenware pieces.

My creations are whimsical and lighthearted, meant to bring joy and happiness into everyday objects. I hand build and pinch all of my pieces from balls of red earthenware clay. I enjoy the imperfection, and texture that is ingrained into each piece by working using only my hands. I often paint, carve, add on flowers, plants, polka dots, and smiling "Carrot" nose characters onto my pieces but no two are the same. Each piece is completely unique and one of a kind exploration of form, color, and ideas. Often I use various shades of blues, yellows, and pinks in my work. I think these colors really come alive against the warm reddish-brown of the earthenware clay body I use. I am inspired by my love of cute things, cartoons and words that make me feel a sense of joy. I hope for smiles and laughter when people come across my work and a special feeling of owning a piece of artwork.