Frequently Asked Questions!

Did you make these out of clay?

Yes, all of my pieces are made from Red Earthenware clay fired in a kiln two times and glazed with food save glazes! They are handbuilt and thrown on the wheel!

Is my item dishwasher safe?

Yes as long as you keep it away from other items in the top, you don’t want them to be banging into other pieces!
Depending on your dishwasher they can shorten the lifespan of the ceramics and can make them prone to chips, cracks. Hand washing them is generally safer and will lengthen the lifespan of your ceramic piece. 

Is my item microwave safe?

Yes you can put them in the microwave. The body of the piece might become hot quickly because clay takes in heat so please be cautious with the handles! I recommend you let it sit for a minute or two if it seems hot

How do I take care of my piece?

I wrote a little page about it so follow this
link cuteandclay.bigcartel.com/ceramic-care

Can I order something that is sold out? 

I can make pieces again but it won't be exactly the same. If your okay with that then feel free to order it with my custom order form. It will take about 3weeks to make,fire,and send out to you! Same thing if you want a certain piece but with something changed 🙂

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! I would love to make a custom piece for you! Here is the form you can fill out
commission link
It takes about 3 weeks to iron out the plans for your piece, make, fire and ship it out! If I am too busy or am not taking customs I will also let you know!

I used to have something from you, but it broke! Can you replace it?

I can always make another piece similar but my pieces are one of a kind so keep that in mind!! It might not look exactly the same. The cost will be the same as my regular pieces since I don't replace items for free. Unless there was something wrong with the piece upon getting to you! 

I received my item and it isn't what I expected, what do I do?

I am happy to offer refunds if it’s within 20 days of the order. In order to receive your refund, simply email me at the contact email, repackage the item you wish to return (it can be in the same box but please make sure to pack it well), and ship it to the address that will be provided for you via email. Upon receiving the returned item , a refund will be sent out . Please provide a screenshot or picture of the item before shipping out incase something happens in the mail.

My item(s) arrived broken! What now?

If your items arrive damaged, I wholeheartedly apologize! Please provide photo documentation of the damage to my contact email [email protected] and I will be happy to either recreate the damaged item at no cost to you, or can issue a full or partial refund of the item cost and shipping.

I received the wrong item!

That's extremely unfortunate! Please email [email protected] right away to get the situation sorted out. Please include a picture of the item you received, as well as a link to the item you ordered or a description and I'll try to get it sorted out as quickly as possible.