Ceramic Earrings

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These ceramic earrings are handmade from earthenware clay. They are hand-painted and completely unique, no two are made the same!
In this batch we have
1. speckled brown semi circle earrings
2.Red books earrings
3. Red Heart eyes earrings
4.Pastel abstract circle earrings
5. Cutout flower earrings
6.Checkered oval earrings
7. Orangy red leaf 🍂 earrings
8.Black leafy earrings
9. Tear drop skull and moon earrings
10.Yellow star earrings

My pieces are one of a kind and in many of them, you will find slight imperfections and marks left by the handmade process. There's are all a part of the quirky charm that comes with owning a handmade piece. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it!!