Fall Pieces Coming Soon!
Fall Pieces Coming Soon!

Custom Order Sunset wall planter


Clay planter
This planter can be used as a wall pocket to put plants in it
keep keys and other stuff safe!
Hand-painted and Thrown by me, from red earthenware clay
All of my pieces are covered in food grade-safe clear glaze inside and out!

Can be used as a cache pot or plant the plant directly in it.

My pieces are one of a kind and in many of them, you will find slight impressions and marks left by the handmade process. There's are all a part of the quirky charm that comes with owning a handmade piece. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it!!

Image of Cauldron Planter
Cauldron Planter
Image of Marbled Cauldron
On sale
Marbled Cauldron
Image of Mini Plant friends
Mini Plant friends
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